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Q: What is the UnderGround Project?

A: Ground UP Productions has strong roots to UNC Chapel Hill and this is our way of giving back. The goal is to foster budding theatre professionals and help them access the New York theatre scene.

The program, begun in 2007, is ever evolving, driven by the needs of this year’s students. For 2011 we are excited to announce a student acted, designed and staffed production of Richard Greenberg’s remarkable THREE DAYS OF RAIN.  Students will spend a week in New York rehearsing and touring the city then move to the theatre where Ground UP company members will coach them through the production process.  Company members will teach master classes open to all DDA students sharing some of their hard won tips and tricks of the trade.  Scroll down for more details, ticket information and fun.

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WCHL Interview with director, Kate Middleton


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THREE DAYS OF RAIN explores a broken family haunted by the memories of a distant father. As the play progresses, it reaches back in time to the 1960s and we are offered all the information needed to devise an alternative reading of the sad, unexpectedly romantic family story.

This production is performed, designed and staffed entirely by current UNC students under the direction of Ground UP company members, many of whom are UNC alumni themselves.

August 15 - 20: Ground UP hosts the cast in Manhattan for a frenzied week of rehearsal, learning the ropes in NYC, catching up on Broadway’s best shows and meeting other UNC alumni and distinguished theatre professionals.

August 21 - 25: Ground UP travels to Chapel Hill to coach students through mounting the play in the Kenan Theatre. Scroll down to see the exciting master classes taught by GUP company members this week.

August 26 - 28: Performances  CLICK HERE for times and tickets.

This year’s UnderGround-lings in New York City


During the first week of the semester, Ground UP company members will lead workshops and master classes for the undergraduates of the Dramatic Art Department

August 27th - 11AM

Designers, Technicians & Stage Managers

Lighting & Set Designer Travis McHale will share insights from a decade of making and reading résumés for the theatre. He'll share tips and tricks that will make your document stand out from the pack. See examples from successful colleagues and have a personal critique of your own.  Email your resume in advance to travis@groundupproductions.org

August 27th - 11AM

Guy Olivieri, author of So You Wanna Be A New York Actor?, and owner of Actors Who Make Money (marketing coaching for actors), will walk you through the realities of working in the industry in New York, and across the country.  We'll cover: getting auditions, finding an agent, getting into commercials, breaking into film and tv, and whatever else you have on your mind.  Having a solid marketing plan in action is essential, and easily neglected.  Let's figure out how to make you an Actor Who Makes Money.

August 28th - 11AM
“SAY IT LIKE YOU MEAN IT” A Voice Over Class

Join Kate Middleton and learn about the industry of commercial voice-overs and try out your skills!  Find out about this awesome facet of the industry and see if you have what it takes to say it like you mean it!

On August 29th - 4PM

Ground UP Productions’ director and board member, Adam Gerdts, walks you through working a scene and helps actors bring scripts to stage.


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